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Sorry, the 2015 Judging School is full, and registration is closed. 2/20/2015

Please fill in the items below to confirm your intention to attend the Southern California Club Intro to Aerobatic Judging' schoool on February 28-March 1, 2015.

  1. Place: Sunrise Aviation: 19531 Campus Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92707 Click for Mapquest
  2. Time: 7:30 AM Saturday & Sunday.
  3. Instructor: Brian Howard.
  4. Cost
    Two day: $75.00
    One-day: $50.00

This site does not accept payments--please register with this form, then jump to our payment portal to secure your place in the class. You may also call Sunrise Dispatch at 800.717.4200 to make payment arrangements.

The course is intended for several categories of students:

  1. New Judge candidates (two-day class).
  2. Existing and past National or Regional judges who need to re-certify by attending one-day (Sunday-only) class.
  3. Existing judges who would like a thorough presentation of new rule changes and a chance to quiz Brian about grading in general

Required materials for all options: the 2015 Official IAC Contest Rules, available for download from IAC, or pre-printed and bound from Socal Aerobats. Please indicate your choice below.

*Name (first & last)
*Phone (best)

*School choice Introduction to Judges School (2 days)--$75
Single day school--$50

*Rule book option I will download and print my own copy
I would like to reserve a pre-printed and bound copy ($15.00)
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